About Haidong Gumdo®

What is Haidong Gumdo®?

Master and Sun
Master and Sun

Haidong Gumdo® is a dynamic and exciting Sword art based on battle field techniques which along with its origins and evolution may be traced back through 2,000 years of Korean history.

Haidong Gumdo® is the traditional martial art of the ancient Koguryo Kingdom that ruled over the eastern Asia, including the Korean peninsula and Manchuria.

The true purpose of Haidong Gumdo® is to execute justice with the light of the sword that is as majestic and brilliant as the morning sunlight on the Eastern Sea.

Find out more about the history of Haidong Gumdo® on the United Kingdom Haidong Gumdo® Association website.

What can I expect from Triumph Martial Arts?

Chief Instructor Harry Limer
Chief Instructor Harry Limer

Triumph Martial Arts is run and owned by Chief Instructor Harry Limer a 4th Dan Black Belt of Taekwon-Do and also the UK Master of the United Kingdom Haidong Gumdo® Association.

Harry is registered with the NAKMAS National Governing Body and is certified on the NAKMAS National Black Belt Register.  As you would expect Harry is an accredited first aider and has the necessary government clearance (DBS) to work with children and vulnerable people.

Triumph is part of the NAKMAS Safe Kids Campaign in order to teach children who are licensed by NAKMAS to become aware of how to cope and deal with bullying and abuse.