Black Belt Grading Success!

Triumph Martial Art’s Hwang Yong Dojang are pleased to announce that Haidong Gumdo student Becky Jones has been promoted to 1st Dan. 

Becky successfully passed her grading whilst back home in Minnesota prior to moving to the UK some 3 months ago. 

It was an honour and privilege to present Becky with her new Black Belt, Dobok and Dan Certificate on behalf of Master Frankovich of The White Tiger Dojang, Minnesota, USA. 

Congratulations Becky!

Here’s what Becky had to say about her Haidong Journey to black belt.

‘I never expected to find a room full of people swinging wooden swords while on my way to a book club years ago, but I’m incredibly grateful I did. Finding White Tiger Martial arts and training under Master Frankovitch (Master F) was fun, challenging, supportive, hard work, and completely worth it.

 The friends I made and the community I found there was so unexpected and incredibly welcoming. I worked hard as I didn’t want to disappoint Master F or any of my friends. When I knew I would be leaving the USA to finish my postgraduate education, I wanted the privilege and honor of having Maser F be the one to test me for my black belt as he was the one who had guided me all this way.

On arriving in the UK I searched for schools in the UK and found Triumph Martial Arts Haidong Gumdo classes. On my first visit having travelled a number of hours I was intimidated, not sure what to expect, and worried about what a new Master would be like. I found myself in the deep end. 

I was a black belt (unofficially) and so was expected to know everything up to that point. The Dojang here is different, Master Limer has a very different style of instruction, but it is still the same Haidong Gumdo. 

While I miss my Haidong family back in Minnesota, the Hwang Yong Dojang has been warm and supportive, and Master Limer has challenged me and worked with me to help grow the Haidong Gumdo community here in the UK. I’m honored to have been taught and tested by Master F and to have Master Limer bestow my black belt uniform, belt, and certificate.’