European Haidong Gumdo Masters and Instructors Workshop

This year Greece hosted another European Haidong Gumdo Masters and Instructors workshop, bringing many nations together to train hard with one goal: to increase the overall strength and knowledge of Haidong Gumdo in Europe.

Master Kane, Master Antioniois and Master Harry
Master Kane, Master Antonios and Master Harry

The weekend started a day early for UK Head Instructor Harry Limer and Ireland’s Head Instructor Alan Kane, With a full day of meetings and training to help consolidate, unify and solidify methods and opinions from all European Leaders.

The next day Master Harry was joined by the UK’s newly promoted Black Belts: Dean Pollard, John Foster and Ryan Vignaux. This is an exciting and important moment for the future of the United Kingdom Haidong Gumdo Association and is another step forward in spreading the art throughout the UK.

The weekend was amazing, full of great training for mind, body and soul. With new techniques and knowledge being shared by European Headmaster Han and European Technical Director Master Lee. We were lucky enough to be able to take our training back to nature with sessions in both a forest among the trees and in the sea among the waves. This adds a whole new level to training Haidong Gumdo, bringing freedom and peace to one’s mind allowing the body to flow and work harder!

The Greek, Irish and UK Haidong Gumdo Associations
The Greek, Irish and UK Haidong Gumdo Associations

A massive thank you to Head Master Han and Master Lee for traveling to Greece to teach at the workshop. The knowledge, and experiences gained through this weekend are invaluable and will last a lifetime.

Thank you also to all the European Masters and Instructors. It was great meeting and training alongside everyone and the feeling of family was amazing and a real reflection of what Haidong Gumdo is all about from my point of view.

Finally we must thank Head Instructor Master Antonios and the whole Greek Haidong Gumdo Association for organising and hosting the event and congratulate them on an excellent job.

Training in the sea
Training in the sea