Grand Master O’Neill visits Triumph Taekwon-Do

It was a pleasure to welcome and host Grand Master O’Neill at Triumph Aston TKD Thursday 6th April.

The day started with some private tuition for Chief Instructor Harry Limer and guest Instructor Mark Empson under the watchful eye of GM O’Neill.  This was followed by a two hour session for all students. Where GM O’Neill explained the history of First Grand Master Rhee and how TKD was established in the UK by FGMR.

Afterwards students were put through their paces under the exceptional tutition of GM O’Neill with much being learned.

Line work, kicking drills, self defence and set sparring were covered with tips and technical application being explained and demonstrated by GMO.

All students then practiced and made personal improvements having gained in Taekwon-Do knowledge, understanding and application of movements.

We are now putting into practice what we were shown and improving our TKD the A.C.E. way and look forward to our next training with GM O’Neill.

Anyone wishing to find out more about Taekwon-Do and starting your journey to black belt can do so by contacting or